Why a great website is so important for your business!

In this day in age where technology is in people’s hands pretty much all day, why would you neglect your website?  It is probably one of, if not the most important marketing tool that you have in 2017.

Too often we deal with a business that want some advice on their website and why it isn’t performing.  There are often more than 1 reason, but lots of businesses still don’t have a mobile friendly website, or their website is mobile friendly but it is not optimised correctly.

Your website is so important, that we feel that all businesses in Cornwall should have a modern website, that is well optimised and delivers results for clients.  When we say results, we mean sales.

Getting users onto the relevant pages on your website to sell to them!  Tell them WHY they should choose you and allow your product to sell itself!  These are all important points, but for you to sell to them, you need to get them there in the first place.

This is where our 2 main services come into play:

  1. Website Design Service
  2. SEO Service

If we deliver you a mobile friendly, well optimised site that you keep updated regularly (I cannot emphasise that point enough) then you will get results.  It takes time, but you will 100% get results.

If you get a new website, but fail to keep it updated, then you will struggle to get the visitors and ultimately your website will become neglected and your rankings will suffer.

However, all our websites we build for our Cornwall clients are immediately ready for you to manage yourself with new, fresh content that Google will love.  You have no excuse – it is so simple to do yourself as well.  We use a CMS called WordPress that is “Open Source” – which means that it is free, and you have no ongoing licensing costs for your website software at all.

So, if you want any help with anything above, get in touch today and we can help you today.

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