Want to push Xmas Sales? Make use of Online Marketing

It’s all well and good getting a brand new, shiny, modern website – but what happens if you don’t market it correctly? Yep, no-one sees it.

Now good old fashioned word of mouth works! Leaflets and in person marketing of your business work as well. But what we want is to capture the visitors to the website, get their email address and get a constant flow of marketing to them. After all, they are the ones we want to sell to.

There are various ways to keep a flow of marketing to their inbox, but I would suggest Mailchimp. This is a free service (up to a certain amount of emails sent) and it is really easy to learn and send emails from on a weekly/monthly basis. It has a drag and drop email builder so if you are one that does not generally feel comfortable with creating, you could use the builder and create great looking campaigns quite easily.

What Mailchimp has that is also very good, is different “lists” and sign up forms that can just be copied and pasted into the content of your website, that will allow users to sign up to your email campaigns straight from your website. It really is a great service and one that I recommend above all others in terms of marketing your business.

Below you can see one that we created for the launch of a client’s website. It gives you a good idea of how creative you can get with Mailchimp (click to enlarge).

So if you want to push your Christmas Sales, then get a Mailchimp account created and start marketing!

If you are not comfortable with this, we do offer “Web Management” packages that can include creating you some templates, getting the signup forms on your website and helping you create your marketing materials.

You can read about our Web Management here.

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