Prevent your WordPress website from getting hacked

WordPress release security updates quite often as when a release of WordPress has been around for so long, people always find a way of hacking installations.  It’s the world we live in unfortunately, there are people who find it good fun to do just that.

What we suggest is keeping your website up to date.  When we say this, what we mean is:

  1. Keep your plugins up to date
  2. Keep your template up to date
  3. Keep WordPress up to date

You do however, need to be careful when updating and make sure that you check your template is ready for a new version of WordPress.  It’s always important to update your template, and then WordPress.  Otherwise, there is a chance you can render your website un-usable due to conflicts in the template files.  Always check to see if your template is compatible with the latest version of WordPress before updating both.

This is the main way to prevent your site from getting hacked.

Other options include using a security plugin of some sort.  There are multiple out there, but we really like iThemes Security and All In One WP Security.  They are both really well received and we find that even the basic (free) versions of these plugins make a huge difference to helping with the security.

The final piece of advice from us…do NOT use “Admin” as a username.  Make the main administrator account username something unique and different.  If, when WordPress was installed, you didn’t have the choice about the username, then log in using the Admin account; create another Admin account with a unique username and password.  Once you have done this, log in using the new details and delete the old “Admin” user.  This will help with security as hackers tend to be able to utilise loopholes if a site as an “Admin” user.

Hopefully that helps a few people out.  If you need any advice on the security of your WordPress website, please feel free to contact us.

We do offer maintenance packages where we can update everything on your website for you so that you don’t have to worry about it.  This helps to prevent future hacks and ensures that your site is kept up to date.  If you are interested, please get in touch.

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