Photography OFFER – Cornwall Companies Come Forth

About time we did something for the locals, so from today onward, anyone who has a website built by us, will be entitled to 1 hour of free photography for their site (at least for the remainder of 2016!).

Now, there are obviously a few conditions to this offer, but generally, it is what it says it is.  If you would like any of the following when we are setting up your website, let us know at the time and we will come and take some photos for you, for up to one hour, for FREE:

  • Product Photography (either white background or in situe)
  • Property Photography
  • Head Shots
  • Corporate Photography (Workplaces / staff at work)
  • Landscape Photography

Now the only conditions for you to be eligible for this offer, is that you need to be within a 30 mile radius of us here in Newquay, Cornwall and be having your new website built with us.  If you are outside of this radius, then talk to us anyway and we may be able to come to some sort of agreement.

That is it really!

“Why are you doing this?” you may ask…well, it’s simple really.  We are just beginning to offer photography as a bolt on service to our web designweb hosting and maintenance – so thought we would see how many people actually want the service.

We know how vital it is for high quality images to be used on site, so we thought that if we are building the site and you don’t have many/any high quality images, then we can offer to come and take some for you.

So if you are having your website built with us, just remember to ask about FREE photography and we will come and snap away.

If you are only interested in or looking for a photographer in Cornwall to take some product shots, corporate shots, property photos or head shots, then get in touch and we will let you know what sort of prices we are charging.  As it’s something that is fairly new for us (the service that is, we have been taking professional photos for 4 years now), then we may well be cheaper than you think!

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