Modernise and freshen up your website

Websites become outdated, that is a fact. Technologies evolve, that is a fact.

What we can’t understand still, is that businesses are not evolving too. We still come across far too many businesses that do not have a website that utilises modern technologies. It is not as expensive as you may imagine.

For example – we visited a website today to try and purchase some printing supplies. This site was visited on an iPhone. Straight away we were put off by the fact that their site was not responsive nor did they have a mobile version of their site.

On a phone, this makes browsing the site almost impossible. Needing to zoom in at every instance, typing becomes painful as the text input areas are so small.

You will lose more customers if your site does not work well on mobile, this is a fact. Over 60% of browsing is now done on a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad. If you do not have a site capable of serving these visitors, you are risking losing that traffic and potential sales…that simply cannot happen.

We use modern software to build your websites, allowing you to completely manage them yourself. Whether this is adding a bit of text, a photo or adding properties to a booking system that has been integrated. You can do everything. You can also ask us to do everything for you.

Couple the above with the fact that it is not actually that expensive to have a new website built using WordPress, our chosen platform for creating modern websites for our clients.

The small amount of money put into a new website now will allow you to serve all types of visitors (mobile and regular desktop) for the foreseeable future.

Make the change before it’s too late, and give your customers a great platform to view your business.

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