Do you know your web host well enough?

We had client recently who did not host with us, but we built and maintain their website for them.  Suddenly, their website had disappeared!  We took a look into things, and noticed that all of the files were still there so something was wrong!

So, the reasoning…the host changed the IP address of the server the website was hosted on!  That is more or less unheard of in our experience.

The client has now moved their hosting to us, so that we can keep an eye on things and we get notifications of any downtime whatsoever.  We also use complete UK servers, meaning that most sites we host, as they are UK businesses, are hosted in the best environments possible to make their speeds as good as possible.

We also ensure that every website gets backed up daily* so that if anything were to happen to a site, we have a backup to revert to almost immediately.  Another benefit of using extremely trusted and well regarded web hosts.

If you need any UK based web hosting, feel free to get in touch with us and we can obviously host for you, but we can also just recommend a web host to you as well.

So, in conclusion – review your web host really well before signing up to a contract or subscription – and one of the best places to look is TrustPilot – as there are often hundreds of reviews available.

*backup subscription required at minimal yearly cost

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