What is great about WordPress and why do we use it?

Why do we build websites using WordPress?  This is a question we get asked quite a lot of the time.  It is a really important part of why we are able to offer such affordable websites.

This is not to say that our websites are cheap.  Nor does it say that they are worse than others.  What WordPress offers is the ability for the end user, normally the client, to be able to manage their own website.  WordPress is a content management system, and a brilliant one at that.

When you couple the above with other benefits, it’s clear to see why WordPress is fast becoming the global leader in website development.

Websites are developed quickly due to the fact that WordPress is extremely flexible.  There are loads of different options in terms of customisation, using a base template and creating the website that you want.  Of course, there are premium templates that takes a lot of the development work out of our hands, but we don’t mind that, it does enable us to work quickly for certain clients if they are on a short time-scale.

Within WordPress, you can edit all of the page content; you can have galleries, contact forms, sliders, videos, cool effects plus much more.

All of this can be controlled by the end user which is what a lot of our clients say is the best thing about the way we develop websites.

If you are interested in a website that you can manage yourself, using WordPress – then contact us today.  We do also develop using another platform called Joomla, but we prefer to develop using WordPress.

If you would just like to chat about your website then we are happy to chat too, we can help.

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