SEO – Content is KING!

A short time ago, when undertaking SEO, there were some ways to manipulate search engines in order for websites to be displayed higher in rankings.

Today, new algorithms put in place by search engines mean that people like us need to be on our toes and use many other cute and creative ways to help our customers climb rankings as much as possible.  The number one factor we now take into account, is content on a website.

If we have a client, this is where we start! Ensure all content on their website is relevant to what their site is about.  Each blog post (like this one, actually) needs to be relevant to what they are selling / offering (we offer SEO services).

Any new content that gets written also needs to be relevant to the services on offer.

The content needs to offer something of value to the readers of the post.  It needs to display something different, unique that is not available elsewhere.

We know this kind of blog post is available elsewhere, but not all of our clients will read the rest of the web.  Clients we don’t undertake SEO for, or don’t ever update their website.

This is why we say, update your website, even if its once a month! Keep new content relevant, offer your readers an insight into your business with real, valuable content.

We do undertake other tasks for clients during our SEO services too.  If you are interested in learning more, check out our SEO page.

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