Google to reward secure websites

First of all, we will point you in the way of this announcement from Google 10 days ago

Don’t know what to think of it?  We will give you a basic run down in simple terms so that anyone unfamiliar with this subject may find it a tad difficult to understand.

What Google have decided to do, is reward any website that has an SSL certificate by using that as a search ranking signal.  This will only be a very small ranking signal, affecting “fewer than 1% of global queries” but it will still help a website in the search engine positions.

What is an SSL certificate? An SSL (or Secure Sockets Layer) certificate gives a website more security when sending information to the server as it encrypts the data that gets sent.  It basically helps to confirm the credentials of an online business so that customers can be more confident when submitting their payment and personal details.  A lot of the larger corporate websites will use the encryption, you can tell if they as there will be security by looking in the address bar for that website.  Below is an example in the 3 main webs browsers that might help if you have never looked before.

SSL Encryption

So do we think it’ fair that Google will reward sites that HAVE to have this security, whilst others don’t.  Not really, but that’s not our decision to make.

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