Golf Course Website Design in Cornwall


So I recently decided that I was going to begin offering a package deal to Golf Courses around Cornwall. I will slowly send around an email introducing ourselves and seeing if they would like a new website.

I must make a point before going any further. This won’t be cold calling or spamming; it will be merely introducing ourselves and explaining how our Golf Course websites could improve the experience for their users when visiting. Not only will they be great to view on a full size computer, but they will be responsive so can be used on tablets and mobile phones.

With over 50% of website visitors coming from mobile during 2014, a umber which will only increase over time, it is vital that all sites are accessible from tablets and phones so as now to miss out on key sales if they cannot use your website.

Our sites could be anything from a basic site that just has a few pages and photos, to a large site with tee-time booking facilities and a course tour.

The way we will offer this is to give the choice of a few layouts that can be built relatively quickly, whilst also offering a completely unique kind of design also.

Obviously, prices will vary depending on the site required, but here are some key points that we offer with our golf course websites:

  1. They are user managed – You can control your whole website yourself without having to contact a developer or designer to make changes to content on your website.
  2. No ongoing software fees – The only ongoing costs are website hosting and a domain name which you would require anywhere.
  3. Responsive – Easy to use on both tablets and mobile phones which is vital in today’s technology-dominated world.
  4. Complete Package – We can offer you a package to take care of your website, emails, domain and hosting all together. We can even offer a monthly management package that ensures your site stays up to date and secure, along with regular backups in case the worst happened.

If you are interested in a website for your golf course, please contact us via the contact page or email You can also call on 07427 414851.

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